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We are a team of experienced attorneys focused on obtaining rewards for whistleblowers. If you are aware of a cryptocurrency or blockchain-related scheme involving securities fraud, tax evasion, or market manipulation, contact us today at (312) 243-5900 for a free consultation. Click the link below to learn more about Loevy & Loevy's cryptocurrency whistleblower practice.


Blowing The Whistle On Fraud In Cryptocurrency


Nationwide Whistleblower Litigation Experience

Whistleblowers who report fraud, market manipulation, or tax evasion to the government may be entitled to a substantial financial reward. A team of experienced, dedicated attorneys can help you succeed.


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Cryptocurrency  litigation is a novel field of law, but representing whistleblowers is nothing new for Loevy & Loevy. Our attorneys' twenty year record of helping conscientious whistleblowers expose fraud and get the rewards they deserve sets us apart. We will help you achieve the best results possible on your case.


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Many law firms have begun styling themselves as "cryptocurrency lawyers," but Loevy & Loevy boasts years of experience representing whistleblowers who report fraud. Whether you are ready to take legal action or are still considering your options, call us today to consult with an attorney about tax evasion, pump-and-dump schemes, ICO fraud, and any other type of cryptocurrency fraud. Consultations with our cryptocurrency whistleblower attorneys are free and completely confidential. Call 312-243-5900, or fill out our contact form and we will contact you.

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