Cryptocurrency Tax Evasion


      The IRS has made it clear that crypto assets are subject to tax liabilities, threatening to audit or even prosecute those who evade taxes or file false returns. Payments in cryptocurrency, trading gains, wages paid to employees, and other uses of digital coins must be reported to the IRS, but many people still think cryptocurrencies offer them an escape from their tax obligations. 

      Though the IRS is eager to get its share of cryptocurrency profits, this will be difficult without insider information to shed light on tax cheats. If you have information about bitcoin miners, crypto exchanges, hedge funds, or other crypto companies who are dodging their tax liabilities, your case could be very valuable.

      If the IRS uses the information you provide, you may be able to receive up to 30 percent of the funds recovered. Additionally, recent changes in tax laws allow whistleblowers to also receive a portion of the criminal and non-tax penalties imposed by the IRS for illegal offshoring and tax evasion. 

      If you have inside information about a cryptocurrency tax evasion scheme, contact our IRS whistleblower attorneys today for a free evaluation from an experienced whistleblower attorney.